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Monday, 9 June 2008
Mood:  bright

For those of you who are  new at www.theqbicle.com and just wondered into our class (curious as to what we do here), stick with us and you'll have all your questions answered. For everyone else who's been joining us for quite a while now, it's good to have you back. After all, look at all these nice things you've gotten out of the deal. Over the course of this weekend, Headline News aired a story on Cable Access Television which line by line could've read like your personal wish list and we wanted to make sure you didn't miss it, because according to Headline News freecycle.org is a nonprofit Web site where members give away and get free stuff all the time.

This freecycle network with an estimated membership of over 4.5 million across the world is a liaison between its members (reminiscent of Craigslist.org, only you don't pay for anything). Members post stuff they no longer want (in your area), and if you're interested you can have it at no cost. Freecycle.org is free to join and you can virtually find anything fast. You no longer have to buy what you've always dreamed of!




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Wednesday, 23 April 2008
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Topic: Student Survival Kit

University life (and student survival) is a big deal and every student has a different reaction to his or her circumstances (it is a very different story for everyone) making extra money, saving extra money, getting your hands on the hottest new music, sharing your entire personal life with everyone you know, putting together bibliographies and adding the finishing touches on class assignments--life has to be perfect and nowhere is that more apparent than when you're a student in college and (if things aren't perfect our first instinct is to want to shoot ourselves in the head). Below are 50 Free Tools--a list of resources every college student should have (and not only is this the closest thing to free money) it is a list to be savored!



1. Mp3.com: A lot of places on the Internet will try to hook you into paying beyond the expense of what you can afford for music downloads and millions of users are wasting money doing this. With a real concern for this and a single mouse click, mp3.com will let you listen to and download free mp3 music with no nags or any biased approach. No longer will you have to look under a beverage cap or do dog tricks in order to edge closer to the music you want!
2. Letstalk.mobicious.com: At  Letstalk.mobicious.com  you can create your own custom ringtones (by uploading your own song files) and also create your own custom wallpaper free (by uploading your own picture files). It's so simple you won't have to hang on to the nearest nerd and ask him how to make them, you'll be able to do it on your own!
3. Antistudy.com: As a student, sometimes life can throw you a curveball in the most unfortunate of circumstances like when a heavy term paper is due but you've been waiting all night in a hospital waiting room for a friend who drank herself into a coma and you had to come down to the emergency room to see for yourself because the message ran out on your voicemail (yeah, try describing that to an English professor zeroing in on a late paper). With the clock ticking, instead of using a line any meathead could come up with rush over to Antistudy.com, a free database where you can get some good information. It's free and you can find cliff notes and book summaries--which makes it easy to bring everything together!
4. Scholarships.com: If you want to find money for college and get connected with 2.7 million national and local scholarships and grants that match your artistic and athletic talents as well as your academics, scholarships.com (a free online scholarship and financial aid search service for students and parents) is the best place to start your search.
5. 60sms.com: At 60sms.com you get free text messaging service and send messages up to 130 characters long, fast, easy, with no signup required. Now you can send free text messages to your friends and family in over 50 different countries.
6. Buddyschool.com: At buddyschool.com you can either get tutored in every subject or you can earn extra money by tutoring others in subjects they're soft at. You can accept payment through PayPal, Western Union, as well as other payment options. Lesson notifications are sent directly to your mobile phone informing you of your next tutoring assignment. Of course you get to schedule what hour slots you'll be available throughout the day.
7. Yak4ever.com: At yak4ever.com you can make unlimited overseas phone calls to 10 different phone numbers you select, free. To avoid blowing your budget, give it a try!
8. Text4free.com: text4free.net is a simple and free way to send text messages online from your computer without taking a loss. The service will even let you send SMS messages to mobile customers in different parts of the world.
9. Talkster.comTalkster.com not only makes it all possible, it allows you to make free long distance, international and conference calls from your mobile phone, landline or computer by dialing a local number (a concept similar to how we access the Internet from a dialup connection, our computer dials a local access number which in turn connects us to Web servers throughout the entire world), so calling your international friends doesn't even have to be an issue. The service though ad supported is not intolerable. No new software is needed and the sponsored advertisements cover the cost of your calls.
10. Mixwit.com: Mixtapes are a refreshingly different way to get your ears on the hottest music without having to sit through artist songs or tracks that are not exactly your personal style and at mixwit.com you can see how easy it is to create your own mixtapes featuring all of your favorite music artists (free) in 3 easy steps. You can make your own custom mixes online (no additional software installation required) and import artwork and music from different sources because Mixwit's drag and drop features makes putting it all together easy (then you can share your hot new mixtapes over the Web on your MySpace page or other favorite social networking site). Everyone isn't cut out to be a D.J but you'll be amazed at what you can achieve with Mixwit!
11. Thepudding.com: make free unlimited calls to any phone in the U.S and Canada by heading over to thepudding.com. What's the catch? The service is ad supported which means they may park an ad or 2 in your line of sight. Just look on the bright side, it's free, no download is required, and you won't hear anyone in the background making chicken noises!
12. Bibme.org: building a life of academic achievement revolves around cranking out papers at a blistering rate. We've all been there or at least know someone who has made crass attempts at handing their assignments in on time yet in haste failed to couple a bibliography with the centerpiece of the work. In fact, when faced with a fast approaching deadline isn't exactly the time we're at our most creative. Bibme.org is a free service in a convenient package ready to come to the rescue. It quickly and effortlessly builds a bibliography for your assignment in MLA, APA, Chicago and Turanian formats so you can add it to your papers. It does all the tedious bibliography stuff for you, all you have to do is replace the bibme.org footer at the bottom of your page and you're paper is set to go!
13. Flashcardmachine.com: Flashcardmachine.com is an online flash card maker (no additional software required) that let's you create interactive, visual and audio flash cards so you can study (or help others cram) for upcoming exams, learn new skills or remember facts and because you create them the focus is kept on the points of interest you need to master. You can then share them online with friends or other students and it's easy so you'll always have time to prepare!
14. Skreemr.com: Rarely is anyone these days taking their favorite music CD's out of a plastic shrink wrap (nor will we debate what's the optimal method for peer-to-peer music file sharing in this post, to do so would be overkill). However, when it comes to discovering music content over the Web you will find skreemr.com quite convenient. This free search engine hunts down any audio file you're trying to find over the Internet. You can perform searches by exact phrases, keywords or even refine your searches by excluding words. Bottom line, if you're crazy about mp3's you will want to get in the habit of using this search engine!
15. iwfr.net: At iwfr.net you can create as many custom ringtones you want from your very own mp3's. Simply upload the files you wish to convert into custom ringtones then send them over to your mobile phone via WAP, data cable or bluetooth connection.
16. Bubblejoy.com: At bubblejoy.com you can create and customize fun interactive video greetings for your family and friends (all you need is a Web cam). No software installation of any kind is required and this video greeting card service is free. Now instead of sending off an almost bland and emotionally disconnected postcard you can send more personal and interactive video messages saying anything from "congratulations!" to "meet you in Miami in a few days!" and it's easy.
17. Slacker.com: slacker.com let's you channel it's magic (free) by customizing your own radio stations so you can listen to music that works with your style and share your radio stations with your friends (online from anywhere on the planet). At slacker.com it's all about you!
18. Wordpod.sourceforge.net: Read books on your iPod (and feel every word and sentence) with WordPod (free and available). With WordPod you can dive right into reading ebooks from your iPod effortlessly by chapter or page number using WordPod's easy and intuitive interface. Oh and one more thing, WordPod also allows you to create your own ebooks just in case you're feeling creative while loafing around at your neighborhood Starbucks.
19. Phonezoo.com:  If your pc has the music file, or you have a music CD, pop it in the CD tray, copy the track and upload it to phonezoo.com to create your own ring tones. Can't decide on which ringtone you would like? Upload unlimited song files to phonezoo.com and make them into ring tones which you can have sent to your phone free of charge. 
20. Live365.com: At live365.com you can listen to thousands of free Internet radio stations, download free tracks and create your own Internet radio station in case you like to get manic every once in a while!
21. Eyejot.com: Are you still using traditional email to make contact with others? There's a better, more personal alternative. Eyejot is video mail and it's free. The best part, there's nothing to download.
22. Codorshole.com: If you have an iPod, one way to make yourself happy today is stopping by codorshole.com and downloading your free copy of iDump (a nice little application to have if you own an iPod). With this free software (for Windows 2000/XP/Vista) copying songs from your iPod to your PC becomes easy as no bake cheesecake. When it comes to transferring your files from your iPod to your computer iDump's features will eliminate all the hassle and slave labor that use to come with the job--once you've used it you'll see the difference!
23. Deezer.com: Deezer.com is a legally free music site which lets you listen, create, and share music--absolutely free. Quick registration, easy sign up--goes great with a pizza and a few beers.
24. Free4iphones.com: Don't let the URL fool you it's for iPods too! If you own an iPhone or iPod--what the cool kids are up to these days--and need to feed your digital need you may want to head on over to free4iphones.com where you can bask in a golden age of free multi-player, multi-language, word games and puzzles for your downtime. We came across a few interesting ones!
25. Grooveshark.com:  grooveshark.com is a free online music community anyone can join that's willing to offer little extra incentives and incentives are often the most important piece of a relationship!
26. Copytrans.netCopytrans.net has taken a lot of stress out of iPod drama by introducing copytransdoctor, a free iPod tool that corrects most iPod malfunctions and recovers deleted songs. Really handy when absurd tech support estimates are out of the question.
27. Sturm.net: Makes file sharing to and from your iPod and computer easty. Sturm.net wants to get the word out about how to copy music and videos completely free with the absence of iTunes. If you're a multimedia junkie, their superpowers and music player supply you with search, file sharing, play list features and more--and above all are willing to officially do it for free.
28. Seeqpod.com: Seeqpod.com is one of the hottest places to watch your favorite music videos free.
29. Flashvideodownloader.org: The impromptu pleasure of a download is what keeps most Web surfers going, but what happens when a video you're trying to download doesn't have a download link and getting this video now becomes harder than it looks. One option that's always there to consider is of course asking a geek (after all his telescope is much bigger than yours and can see much further) or you can take a virtual voyage over to flashvideodownloader.org where downloading any video from the Web becomes easy.
Flashvideodownloader.org doesn't dance around the issue, simply enter a URL for the page the video is being hosted on inside flashvideodownloader's  URL box (located on the flashvideodownloader.org's home page) then click download. You can also add its free downloader extension to your Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera browser for faster 1-click downloading on your future cyberspace travels (be sure your computer meets all the system requirements before downloading the plug-in). Have fun with your new toy!

30. Getmiro.com: Whether you're watching video or Internet TV inside or outside of the office Miro 1.2 means one thing--you can watch it tastefully. Miro 1.2 is one of the better media players when it comes to video because Miro plays almost any video format you throw at it (you don't have to worry about locating a video player that supports a specific video format or hassle with converting video files from one format to another in order to watch it). There are a few really great video players in the world and Miro not only lets you watch videos in full screen high-definition but can also pause then resume playback on any video the next time you watch it (from the very point where you left off). With Miro you can sort your video library by thumbnail for easy file location, group channels, customize playlists, download Bit Torrents individually or in feeds, export feeds, schedule auto-downloads and more. Miro 1.2 is a free download available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Get yours now!


31. Publicdomaintorrents.com: If you just love classic movies of lean guys hiding under ten gallon hats inside shady saloons, creepy sci-fi monsters, martial arts movies, old action flicks, comedies and drama's, at publicdomaintorrents.com you can download free movies that'll make you laugh until you split your sides. Publicdomaintorrents.com is an archive of free public domain movies that include the best in sci-fi, action, drama, comedy, westerns, martial arts and more (available in several formats). What are you still doing here? You just had an all day perpetually free matinee pass handed to you!


32. Free Tech Support: Ever go through your day and your computer all of a sudden decides to become a lazy bee and instead boss you around, which makes you shift into a "whatever man!" mode? Don't you just wish you had a trained tech support technician on call to give you a fighting chance before your computer really loses it and threatens to turn you into a toad? And what if this tech support was free? Sounds even better! If your computer has you trapped, techsupportcenter.org is more than willing to provide you free technical support by opening a ticket as well as live support--which is a huge advantage!


33. Channelking.com and Tioti.com: There's a reason why Internet TV was invented--to turn down the stress--and it costs nothing. Channelking.com and tioti.com (acronym meaning Tape It Off The Internet) are two free channel surfing sites that will add balance to your life and are fully at your disposal. Go ahead, just take the time that you need!


34. Channelchooser.com: Once you connect to channelchooser.com the idea is simple--watch free television channels, movies and videos online.


35. Free Guitar Lessons cyberfret.com, zentao.com and yougitarist.net has carved up free online guitar lessons for anyone who is untrained but wants to learn. At cyberfret.com and zentao.com you'll find guitar playing concepts, songwriting tips, melody writing, tablature, practice lessons, improvisation tips, motivation, tips on developing your musical ear (from a beginner's guide to playing guitars all the way through to how to write hot guitar licks), it's there. Just a Web trolley ride away at youguitarist.net free video guitar lessons await where you'll get acoustic guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, Aerosmith guitar lessons, classic rock guitar lessons, Van Halen guitar lesson, country lessons and more--it's like having your own private lessons!


36. Thelaw.com: In situations where you're faced with a legal dilemma you need creative thinkers who can advise you on how to best deal with complicated issues that can feel too big to tackle on your own--and bungee jumping from a hot air balloon with a severed bungee cord won't solve your problem. If you have legal questions that need answers, at thelaw.com you'll get explanations to legal terms, find loads of self help articles, find free legal forms, get free legal advice and more, so you won't have to come up with anymore clumsy ideas!


37. Freecycle.org freecycle.org is a nonprofit Web site where members give away and get free stuff all the time. This freecycle network with an estimated membership of over 4.5 million across the world is a liaison between its members (reminiscent of Craigslist.org, only you don't pay for anything). Members post stuff they no longer want (in your area), and if you're interested you can have it at no cost. Freecycle.org is free to join and you can virtually find anything fast. You no longer have to buy what you've always dreamed of!


38. Freeadvice.com: When bankruptcy, unforeseen accidents, intellectual property claims, and criminal law circumstances almost instantly stagger your world out of nowhere with a number of pitfalls that need to be avoided and you wish to make it a point to read the fine print while simultaneously seeking sound legal advice without all the misrepresentations where there's a buck to be made, at freeadvice.com you'll see a bit of relief in the narrowest of circumstances. Don't make a legal mistake. Even if a legal problem seems simple enough on the surface it's in your best interest to let the folks who know law make it easy for you. Freeadvice.com will give you the scoop on what options you may need to take prior to making any legal decision--that's knowledge you can take with you!


39. Free Blackberry Phone Tips: Step-by-step walk-throughs  to common Blackberry problems.


40. Pricecheckah.com: At pricecheckah.com you can save both your time and money by comparing prices across the Internet using UPC and ISBN codes. Pricecheckah.com is free and automatically searches the Web including places like eBay, Amazon.com and other ecommerce sites to generate results so that you're happy. Without services like this, vendors would get away with it!


41. Wififreespot.com: wififreespot.com can help you worry less by giving you a state-by-state listing of free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the world. No longer will pinpointing a Wi-fi cafe have to come down to the luck of the draw. By browsing through wififreespot.com you can find multiple location listings readily available around you including hotels, motels, coffee shops, cafes, airports, RV parks, and other hotspots hosting free Wi-Fi connections. Takes much of the drudgery out of driving around in circles.


42. Gasbuddy.com: The best way to find a gas bargain is going online--it beats driving around the neighborhood wasting gas to find a deal hands down. Gasbuddy.com might just be able to help how quickly you can spot a fuel bargain. Since gas prices fluctuate, gasbuddy will help you find the cheapest gas prices in your neck of the woods--even across the U.S. and Canada--by letting you pull-up listings of service stations with better gas deals just begging to be picked up.


43. Supermasti.com: There's something criminal about displaying tacky wallpaper on your computer but not to the level that you'll need to read a statement to the press. However, if your computer's wallpaper gives off the impression you just bought your first computer, at supermasti.com new wallpaper is really easy to get and you can find (download) over 10,000 high resolution wallpapers of your favorite celebrities, super models, cartoons, movie scenes, digital art, and more. Supermasti.com also promises the wallpapers you download won't contain any pop up ads that will completely catch you off guard. So shuttle over to supermasti.com and you can have one less embarrassing secret!


44. Dealnews.com/coupons: dealnews.com/coupons have some pretty good promotional codes and deal coupons for many springtime sales at PetSmart, Dell, BestBuy, OldNavy.com, Smartbargains.com, JCPenney.com, Staples.com, Lowe's, CircuitCity.com, Rocawear, Amazon, Nordstrom, BabyPhat, Dereon, Liz Claiborne, DiscountOffice, Shoes.com, TigerDirect.com, The Apple Store, Overstock.com and many more--what more can you want!


45. Freeiconsweb.com: Does your computer's desktop need a make-over? Tired of the same icons. Want to give your desktop icons a free make-over? Freeiconsweb.com has a cornucopia of icons and themes to choose from. What are you waiting for? Go explore!


46. Free Windows XP Tips: Check out these free Windows XP tips!


47. Free Video File Converters: Have audio or video files that need converting? Looking for an audio or video converter? Check out mediaconverter.org or media-convert.com. Both are free online audio and video converters and both provide easy options that include uploading your files for conversion or converting files directly from a URL. No registration required to use either. Try it--they work like a charm!


48. Oemailrecovery.comHave you ever had the pleasure of popping in a CD in the CD tray only to discover that it is damaged and unreadable--and you haven't even had your coffee yet? Our first instinct is to toss it away in the trash where it will take its place alongside yesterday's Chinese we had for lunch. If you thought all was lost, the folks over at oemailrecovery.com want to change the way you think with their free CD/DVD recovery tool which shows off its ability to restore files and recover lost data from damaged CD's and DVD's. As one might fantasize, not all data can be recovered depending on how damaged or scratched the CD or DVD is. Thus, some files may be recovered while others ignored.


49. HOW TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY: Tips on how to make some extra money legally!


50. Widgetbox.com: Nothing is cooler than having a brand new widget to show off online--it's like finding a prize in your mailbox--and that's just the kind of thinking the folks at widgetbox.com had in mind when they posted over 42,000 widgets that have been left over on their site. Stockpiling and adding free widgets to your own blog, online store, Mypsace page, Facebook (or whatever) is easy. Simply find the widget you want then click the "get widget" button and it's yours free. Ah, the sweet life!



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Monday, 7 April 2008
Mood:  bright

Every blogger knows that good blogging takes time and patience--which usually pays of with an invitation by subscribers all over the blogosphere to join and recognize your blog as a great place for them to benefit from your blogging research. No matter what you're blogging about here are 14 tools and tips to make sure your blog runs great (whether you're a professional blogger or dabbler) so your blog doesn't suffer from the same weaknesses many bloggers may have experienced when they first began blogging. Pass these tips along and they'll help other bloggers form the foundation for a better blog.  Here they are:



Weblogreview.net is a free to join online blog directory where you can have your blog listed and rated (or rate other blogs) and in the process increase traffic sent to your own blog. Try it! There's an entire community waiting to approve of the work you're doing! 2. Fusestats.com and feng-gui.com are two powerful tools to help you map how users visit you’re your blog, learn more about their browsing habits (like what areas are visited or clicked more than others) and this way you can adjust your blog layout or ads accordingly. There's no download required. Best of all, both heat maps are free!

3. Here are five practical dead link checkers that crawl internal and external links on your blog, and find which links are broken then spit out a report about specific links that are not valid. Definitely a time-saving alternative to manually going through every link on your blog and testing each one.




The Working Webmaster




4. There's no doubt polls are helpful to any blog and when it comes to quick and easy tools for creating these polls both
pollcode.com and pollhost.com give you more options for poll making. With pollcode.com you can customize the look and feel of your poll by choosing fonts and colors then simply cutting and pasting the html code into your blog. It's that easy. Pollhost.com however, along with customizable vote boxes will also provide you with multiple vote protection. If you'd prefer a flashier looking poll vizu.com will help you add a more sleek looking poll widget to your blog free!

5. Freefind.com let's you give your blog users site navigation by adding a cool search feature to your blog. It's free, and there's nothing to download. You can customize your search engine with phrase matching, Boolean searches and more! 6. Tired of paying domain hosting fees for your blog? Would you like to host your blog on a free server without any account fees, no quibble, straightforward and free?

Freedns.afraid.org is the best place to start (they are a non-profit network of running servers that offer free domain and sub-domain hosting with easy setup). You can easily transfer your blog from your current hosting service and host it there free.

7. Want to integrate message boards or forums to your blog? Nabble.com or invisionfree.com both offer you free message boards forum hosting to customize and extend the user experience to your blog. 8. Want to broadcast a video blog over the Web or mobile? At

springdoo.com you can record and upload your own video blog and get access to free video email with 1GB of free storage so you can broadcast your blog over the Web and mobile.

9. If you're a blogger working with hyperlinks, texts, spreadsheets and other applications for the purpose of sharing data with an audience, hyperdata will improve the camaraderie between your links, files, applications and adoring blog subscribers. Up until the advent of hyperdata whenever a file, Web link, or application was changed (or removed) the result was as if everything had been blown to pieces--visitors to your blog felt trapped crying in agony holding nothing more than a bunch of dead links in their hand after you or someone else ordered the ropes cut.

Now, if you look at hyperdata from a practical aspect bloggers can create live data connections without having users feel horribly double crossed in the event a file, page, or application is moved If you're a blogger or content creator who refers or links post to various applications, spreadsheets, or files it's time you got to know
datamash.us (to guarantee your good name). Datamash's features allow you to link text and data across different programs including spreadsheets, charts, widgets and files (a.k.a hyperdata) so that changes in any file and respective links are automatically updated. Datamash.us also includes free easy to use mashup tools, awesome templates, publish to blog tools and more, so you can get that all worked out easily!

10. If you haven't heard the buzz about snap.com and how you can interbreed snap expandable Web links throughout your blog we encourage you to visit snap.com to see just how quickly and easily you can add visual previews of another Web site (or blog) to your own links in place of using traditional text links. A Snap link will also allow you to integrate video and audio without using large embedded images in your blog and customize your snap shots color, theme, language and more so when visitors mouse-over a link you've provided, they instantly get a preview (or snap shot) of the Web site they are being sent off to. 11.

feed2podcast.com can make RSS feeds way cooler and it's easy. Feed2podcast.com turns any RSS feed into a podcast so your blog subscribers can instantly listen to your blog and get all that important information without having to read it. There's nothing to download and blog subscribers will love you for it--simply add a feed2podcast link on your blog and enter the RSS feed and feed2podcast is ready to go!

12. Easyresponders.com will provide you with a free auto-responder service that will send automated and customized email responses to anyone trying to contact you via email while you're unavailable. If you think this means you can tailor your auto-responses to say whatever you wish and this free auto-responder will send unlimited email responses (including newsletters) for you so you can continue to make inroads even while you're away--absolutely! 13.

Adrive.com offers you free 50GB of online storage space you can access from anywhere in the world--ideal for any type of storage and backup including important blog posts and all associated content (including videos, digital pictures, and links).

14. At problogger.net you can pick up some great blogging tips on how to be a better blogger.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008
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Topic: Identity Theft Tips

If you've ever been an identity theft victim you know identity theft is a "Who Done it?" that can leave its victims scratching their heads. Hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people have their identity stolen every year. The most frequent types of identity theft include having your credit and debit account abused, fraudulent mobile phone account usage, having fraudulent checks passed in your name, having loans or lines of credits taken out in your name, even employment being sought after in your name--the list gets even longer.

Identity theft victims commonly find themselves investing large amounts of money and time as if preordained in righting wrongs committed in their names by identity thieves. Are you a present identity theft victim? The following checklist will let you know if you need to worry.


Here are a few ways to tell whether you are a victim of identity theft:


  • You find charges unaccounted for in financial statements.


  • Checks begin to bounce when you should have sufficient funds inside an account.


  • You begin receiving a sudden influx of telephone calls or correspondence from creditors demanding payment for purchases you haven't made--can be a sign you've been had.


  • PIN numbers no longer grant access to accounts.


  • Bank, loan, or credit statements cease to arrive in your mailbox.


  • You're frequently rejected when applying for loans or lines of credit but have had excellent credit history and score in the past.



  • Check credit report regularly--at least twice a year.


  • Share joint credit, debit or savings account with a significant other? If so, keep detailed records and receipts of each others purchases (in an envelope, jar, shoe box, etc, doesn't matter just make sure you have them) to account for all transactions made.


  • Haven't received a notice or bill lately? Didn't put in an address change? If not, someone else may have. It's not unheard of for identity thieves to mask their illicit activities and even go as far as paying the minimum balance on an illegal loan or line of credit while bleeding you dry so as to remain undetected by radar. Don't ever take for granted the fact that an account can be opened in your name at any time if a scoundrel is armed with your personal information.


  • Do not simply discard old financial statements, credit card offers, and other documents containing personal information. Make it a habit of shredding all personal information before tossing it away. Shredders these days cost next to nothing and by far outweigh any expense you will bare trying to recover from an identity theft experience. Like the old saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".


  • Don't make it a careless habit of leaving your outgoing mail in your mailbox where identity thieves can simply walk up and walk off with your personal information. Instead make it a routine to drop all outgoing mail either at the post office or U.S. mail box for pickup. If you will be going away on vacation, visit your local post office and have them put a hold on all mail until you're back from hiatus.


  • To make it even harder for identity thieves to come across the most basic information about you, you can also opt to have your name, address, and phone number withdrawn from telephone directories.


  • If you realize you're a victim of identity theft be sure to report this immediately to all three major credit bureaus--Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian and have a fraud alert put on your credit history file as soon as possible. Don't stay put. File a police report and keep a copy of the report for creditors, banks, and credit bureaus. If your social security number has been compromised report it to the Social Security Administration immediately. If unauthorized accounts have been opened in your name immediately alert the institutions where these accounts have been opened and suspend all activity on these accounts so that Identity thieves cannot continue to abuse them.



  • Minimize future mistakes. A few common errors most identity victims have made include not meticulously scrutinizing credit reports and financial statements until it was too late. This is how identity crimes commonly go unnoticed until the bottom of the ninth inning in the identity theft game.


  • Have a strong suspicion you're being victimized? Have one or more financial statements cease to arrive at your mailing address? This may clearly be a good time to take action and call a few companies to inquire whether your billing address has been fraudulently changed without your expressed authorization.


  • Play it safe on and offline. Countless people have become identity theft victims as a result of sharing personal information online, through U.S. mail, and over the telephone by individuals or groups posing as potential employers, utility company representatives, and government employees. Identity swappers will even go as far as scavenging your garbage for personal information. Use these tips as a guideline to keep your personal information safe and encourage those around you to keep theirs safe too.

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Updated: Saturday, 2 February 2008 11:17 AM EST
Monday, 14 January 2008
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Topic: How to Access Banned Info

Too often we get separated from the very information we need--not because we're tone deaf to what is being said rather all too common the information being sought after is being filtered or banned. It's not unusual for certain types of content to be banned or filtered in some parts of the world, perhaps even on certain computers we use to access the Internet (such as the Library) and for good reason, however there may be legitimate reasons where you would need to get around Web filters in order to get just what you need.

Webmail servers are pretty smart when it comes to circumventing these Web filters and allowing the information junkie in all of us to feed itself--you won't need to spend the next seven months or so trying to send and receive messages in a bottle. You may be thinking that's all good information, but what are Webmail servers?

Webmail servers are intermediaries which allow users to bypass Internet filters in order to access banned information they may want to reach. For instance, say you are in a country which prohibits access to certain sites or types of information by use of Web filters which restrict access to these informational resources, what you would do is basically send an email to a Webmail server with the URL or web address of the web page you wish to access and the Webmail server will fetch these pages for you and email them back to you thereby circumventing the filter.

So now you're thinking "wow, Webmail servers really can make a difference!" While the technology is good enough to email you both the graphics and text of a given site you're trying to access, only some Webmail servers will email you both graphics and text while others will only retrieve and send you text (a good alternative--perhaps even better than Webmail servers--would be using a proxy server such as aplusproxy.com  or proxydom.com where you would enter a URL  of a filtered Web site you were trying to access and the proxy server would  bring it up while simulataneously masking your IP address).

To contact a Webmail server your request cannot be unstructured. You will need to use the proper syntax or command to have the information you seek sent to you by a given Webmail server (with a proxy server you wouldn't have to worry about this, simply enter a URL and you're good to go). Syntax varies among Webmail servers. For instance, say The Q-bicle (www.theqbicle.com) was filtered at your job or banned in your country because as a result of it you're becoming too enlightened, if you wanted to access information from our site through the Webmail server at agora@capri.mi.mss.co.jp you would email the following syntax to their server:

To: agora@capri.mi.mss.co.jp    (You would address an email to the Webmail Server like this).

Subject: none (You would leave the subject box blank like this).

SEND http://www.theqbicle.com (You would place this syntax in the body of your email like this).

Because Webmail servers have low patience levels, this would tell the Webmail server what pages precisely you wish to have sent back to you. Here's a list of a few Webmail servers along with commands to retrieve pages you may have otherwise trouble accessing through filters or bans:


  • agora@capri.mi.mss.co.jp SEND <URL>
  • getweb@usa.healthnet.org GET <URL>
  • web@pagegetter.com GET <URL>
  • www4mail@ftp.uni-stuttgart.de GET <URL>
  • www4mail@collaborium.org GET <URL>
  • wwwmail@bnl.gov GET <URL>
  • webmail@www.ucc.ie GO <URL>


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Updated: Saturday, 2 February 2008 11:19 AM EST
Tuesday, 8 January 2008
Mood:  bright

As emotionally difficult as it is, even the best laid plans won't always ensure a flawless escape route for becoming a fresh victim of a new scam (or old con game being revamped as new). For perpetrators of con games, not only are these great fun they're very profitable. Here at The Q-bicle we're constantly on the lookout for new scams that create havoc to warn you about--there are numerous examples--today we'll focus on a con you may easily find yourself identifying with if you're not on your guard.

The prospective employment scam is so insidious that individuals looking for jobs may not even know they're being scammed until it's too late. The scam works by con-workers trolling popular job sites and scanning resume and contact information being posted then masking as employers possibly interested in hiring you. Be careful. This scam is a huge draw.

The scam is then subsequently taken offline where they'll place a phone call in order to glean personal information from victims (in this case, individuals seeking jobs) which in turn provides them with the information needed for them to obtain credit cards and tap into other financial accounts under the marks name. Taken together in its entirety the con game is rather convincing the way it looks on paper.

Con-workers are savvy and will explain their reason for requesting more detailed information as necessary for conducting your background check before setting up the job interview in order to expedite the hiring process. By looking at this as a job opportunity where you have the potential to make considerably more money you may assume giving out your social security number over the telephone to Human Resources or a hiring manager for the purpose of a background check sounds reasonable. Beware--victims who have been desperate for work have been taken advantage of in these situations!

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Updated: Tuesday, 8 January 2008 9:13 AM EST
Monday, 7 January 2008
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Topic: Panic Attacks

Do you have a history of panic attacks? Those of us who've experienced a panic attack here and there know first hand how much a panic attack can really open our eyes to the world around us. It's not uncommon for many of us to suffer in silence in cases where panic attacks seem to appear almost daily. The problem isn't only that we're subject to the whims of anxiety.

Panic anxiety itself carries its own medical risks and may explain the relationship we may be having with our own depression. It may also be cold comfort to realize panic attacks may be indicators of cardiovascular risk which is why it is important for us to get regular checkups--see our doctors and not miss follow-ups--panic attack sufferers may be at risk of having a stroke.

A measure of satisfaction can be gained in knowing increasing our serotonin can help ease panic attack anxiety. Believe it or not cutting caffeine out of our diet--such as soda pop and coffee and switching over to a more soothing herbal tea in any variety of flavors--can also help ease panic attack anxiety. A regimen of exercise such as walking, jogging, bike riding, running, swimming, kick boxing, weight training, and other forms of cardio go a long way toward naturally easing panic attack symptoms.

A good and balanced diet is key. Foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, potato and rice can help spike serotonin levels. Chocolate is also an excellent serotonin boost--all these will affect each of our individual outcomes. If you've been suffering silently from depression, get treated for depression. Depression not only hurts but can lead to panic attacks. All of this adds up, so it really does matter. You'll feel much better if you stay healthy and active!

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Updated: Saturday, 2 February 2008 11:21 AM EST
Tuesday, 11 December 2007
Mood:  bright

If you own one or more credit cards chances are you've experienced the benefits and the stress that go with it. Granted, credit cards may keep fun in your life and the benefits are tremendous in having them around but it takes discipline to quickly notice the convenience of having one. Today's lesson if you have debt, is making a plan for paying it off. The following are do's and don’ts you should follow as you draft your plan.

Don't pay the minimum: Pay more than the minimum balance on your credit cards if you ever wish to truly catch up and get out of debt. Why? Because it all adds up. Paying the minimum balance is what takes debt forever to get paid off.

Use credit cards for emergencies only: This cannot be stressed enough. Credit cards are not for living expenses. If you're in need of living expenses this means you may need to look for a second job. If a second or even third job is out of the question, it's a red flag to budget your finances far better than you're currently doing now. Don't put it off. Sit down. Go over your budget. Cut the fringe benefits now--as in today. Go on a luxury diet for a pre-determined period of time to reduce your debt weight. Bottom line, you can't have it both ways (overlook your budget and be debt free).

Create a budget plan: Pay off your debt (by making a plan and sticking to it). Consider the knowledge this is precisely the approach our goverment utilizes to get out of debt. Our government sits down and mulls over ideas on how to pay off our national debt--whether by tax increase or cutting programs--we can all learn from this model. Sacrifices have to be made or you will need to seek other ways of raising capital (in our government's case raising taxes) in our case perhaps additional employment, having a garage sale, etc.

Avoid late payment fees: You pay extra for the convenience of being late. Late payments only make matters worse.

Get your spouse's credit spending in order: Joint debt (meaning yours and your spouse's) affect both credit histories regardless of who is responsible for the debt. Make it a challenge instead to spend less.

Avoid co-signing: Make it a point to help others realize you're not a continuous stream of wealth--banks are. Therefore don't co-sign a car, a loan, anything (thereby assuming someone else's debt) if you can. We all love our children, but perhaps co-signing for a brand new car isn't the best way to teach responsibility. Rather, getting a really dependable junker that runs like new (perhaps might not look as new) is a better way for them to learn real value. You don't want to be left with the penalties and debt backlash if the person you co-signed for defaults. Let the guy or gal you're dating know you're into them but there's no way you can co-sign that loan. The harsh realities down the line may be too outrageous even when you're in love.

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Updated: Saturday, 2 February 2008 11:24 AM EST
Monday, 26 November 2007
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Homeless Guy Entries

I spent this past holiday weekend alone beside a dumpster behind Papa John Pizza--I'm not a freeloader. Didn't feel much like eating anyway. Fine, don't believe me. There was a four star restaurant directly across from me equipped with trash bins and fresh leftovers fit for the folks who rode steerage on the Titanic. Trust me, if I got hungry, I could've probably scratched something up. The rich sure know how to live.

You may be wondering why I didn't use the holiday as an opportunity to get a decent meal. I'm kind of up in the air about it myself. Basically when it comes to holidays, I have a do not disturb policy. Let's be honest here, people tend to shy away from squeezing a hobo's hand on the holidays as if it had pulp.

I'm really bad at showering, and this has really been an issue for people. Sure, the rugged approach is perfect for Russell Crowe and the rest of the cast in 3:10 to Yuma, but if you're not rehearsing the part, yet you look the role, when you stink everyone thinks you're on the sauce. The last thing I need is to be hauled down to county jail for something I didn't do.

The other day a guy and his old lady got into it on the top floor of their tenement, next thing you know she throws a T.V at her old man which barely misses him and goes flying straight out the window. Half a minute later, my partner Ugly Joe is getting arrested for strapping a TV to his face.

Besides, why look for a handout on the holidays anyway. I never hear positive words of encouragement like "It's good to have you back". and I've been doing odd jobs for the local watering holes around here for years--cleaning up some blood here, getting rid of some blunt trauma tissue there, re-transplanting another dead body across town--you know, the usual.

I try to stay out of plain sight during holidays. A few things I've noticed is things tend to get crazy really fast, and paintballs can really sting in the face--increasingly more kids like to use these on us especially on holidays. For me, this alone is enough to eliminate the need to get out of bed on a holiday.

P.S. What are you still staring at! Find something to do under your own roof so I can get back to my life.



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Updated: Monday, 26 November 2007 8:56 AM EST
Wednesday, 21 November 2007
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Arty Botch Entry 3

I Arty Botch of sound mind or whatever's left of it, do attest the following entry in my personal journal:

Yesterday, I was called to another one of our inter-departmental meetings. Suffice to say, I became very resentful and almost walked off the job for the 83rd time--a record low for a day. We've been without adequate air conditioning and central heating for 3 years. Upper management won't hire a heating and refrigeration expert to fix it.

We all feel shoveled in but no one says anything. No one here wants to speak up when there's a problem. There seems to be a fear among all of us at Corporate America that if we complain something really bad is going to happen.

The last time I went to personnel and complained about a wayward paper shredder--a really bizarre incident occurred--I was hung upside down the main elevator shaft by my ankles, just short of dying. Nobody really knows about it. Like everything else around here it was hushed then forgotten. Article 33 Section 103 of the employee handbook.

After the first hostage-taking-situation, you become a different person--voiceless. Besides, it's a private matter right? Today, I can honestly sit down and tell my therapist I am unaffected by the feelings. She confirms my uniqueness by giving me another round of mediction. I get to see her 3 or 4 times a week--I get a lot of attention. She has no problem billing me, yet each time I visit she worries she might have a breakdown.

A lot more goes on at my job than people are willing to admit. I'm not quite sure why I put up with the abuse. Kind of gotten use to it so I stay. During reflective moments I'm shocked at my own bizarre behavior. I put up with daily insults by people who can't experience their own feelings. It's part of going up the corporate ladder right? But hey, how bad can things really be?

Don't feel sorry for me. Really, I get by. Though I kind of got spooked after an edict had gone out. Let's just say if I get caught playing computer games around here it's an automatic can for me, and leave it at that. Phyllis and Phil do it all day long. My instinctive reaction was to remove all pre-installed games in Windows Vista. Complacency keeps me here. Hoping one day I may be bestowed with a powerful mentoring role.

Really don't feel sorry for me. It's how my life is supposed to be. Face it guys, this is normal for me. I accept it. At least I'm not on drugs. I mean, getting to see Phyllis is some form of gratification isn't it? I love my job. I have friends here. Besides, I'm a fixture here. Where else will I go and feel needed? What will I do? I'm poked, prodded, and ridiculed--so what right guys? I'm the protector around here right? Why doesn't it feel that way?

P.S. I enjoy the role of being her slave. I'm planning to stay no matter how dysfunctional.



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Posted by theqbicle at 8:12 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 21 November 2007 12:09 PM EST

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